They say Rugby is a gentleman’s game and the action that has been shown by the Kenyan Shujaa team makes it attractive to most youths especially University students. The action is normally adrenaline lifting with all the muscle and speed involved. Campus rugby teams have not been left behind as they keep chasing titles in their University leagues. According to the Kenya Rugby Union the following 5 teams currently top the University league:

  1. KCA

They are a surprise team and have improved this year on the current University standings. KCA come in at the top according to the recent rankings by the KRU. They lead their table by 5 points.

2. Daystar

Daystart University Rugby team follows close on 5 points but with less tries compared to KCA. Daystar University find themselves in this spot after winning their first game of the current 2016/2017 Universities league.

3. Aviators

This is another hot Rugby team from Nairobi Aviation college and it seems to be doing pretty well at the moment. Ranked at number 3 and still pushing, Aviators could be challenging for this season’s University Cup. They keep this position on 4 points.

4. MKU Nairobi

They seem to be handling this season well and might challenge for a top spot as the season progresses. Ranked at position 4 in the standings they seem to be doing well. They are tied up with Aviators on points but have less tries.

5. Cooperative University

Another surprise package but currently fighting among the big teams. Cooperative University has taken this year’s rugby league by storm and are settled among the top five positions.