The Top 5 Hot Kenyan Bands Right Now!!


It has been a great musical year. Various artists making lots of headway and so did bands.
The following bands had the greatest following this year;
1. Sauti Sol
From their first hit Lazizi, this band has been proving their worth time and time again. With the release of their song Nishike which raked a large number of views on YouTube, they solidified a strong fan base. Sura yako has been a huge hit and not only in Kenya leading them to be nominated for MTV EMA’s. That shows their hard work payed off.


2. Elani
They have taken our hearts hostage with their harmonious vocals and sweet tales. Their growth from their first hit Jana Usiku is clear as day. They have a fresh approach to music, and it’s awesome!!! Their mega concert more than proved how much Kenyans love them!!! Big Up.

3. Sarabi Band
This band has been making hits after hits to the point of earning a collabo with Juliani “Sio lazma,” which has flooded our screens and radios.

sarabi band
4. H_art the band
They have eloped from singing their songs at plays and open mics to being the newest hit squad on the block. Their song Uliza Kiatu gave everyone something to relate to… And they haven’t stopped!! KEEP ON!!!

H_art the band
5. Adawnage
They are definitely representing the gospel industry and in a huge way!!! They have you singing along to their easy lyrics effortlessly.. Safari and Uwezo have had a huge impact on all of us.

adawnage band
Those are our top 5 in 2014. Do you agree?