Top 5 jobs that can make you a millionaire.

What does it take to be A Millionaire?

It’s sad and depressing that most of us were born in a system where parents emphasize studying hard, get good grades, find a good job and eventually become rich.

But who teaches you about financial freedom and how to manage your money. Schools equip us with knowledge but mostly teaches us a subject that eventually becomes irrelevant once we step out of the school doors.

It takes more than school lessons to be a millionaire, be ready to learn, network with the right people, be persistent and work hard.

Guidelines for starting your own Business

  • Have a business plan
  • Look for funding
  • Set your short term and long term goals
  • Set your marketing strategies
  • Create Awareness about your business

Once you have all it takes, here are some of the highest paying business ideas that can make you a millionaire within two years.

Top 5 Highest Paying Self-Employed Jobs

1.Video Game Tester Jobs

Freeways to market your Business on Social Media

Did you know you can earn if you are a game pro and surprisingly it is estimated as one of the highest-paying gigs? It is a double win for you to get the chance to play your favorite game and earn in the process.

Here are the ways you earn as a Video Game Tester:

  • Get paid to play games
  • Receive new unreleased games to test or review(you can later sell)
  • Get invitations to game launches
  • Get a hint of all the cheat codes and special privileges from the manufacturers.

To get a job as an online gamer visit: GamingJobsOnline

The medium of payment as A game Tester

  • Cashback on deposit
  • Go after cash
  • Play for free and earn tokens

2. Youtuber

You have probably heard of Youtube and it’s basic but it’s too hard that the majority of us think it’s only meant for celebrities and artists. NOO! Youtube is meant for content creators.

Who is a Content Creator

A content creator is a person who creates resourceful information for a media, company or the general public.

To become a content creator, all you have to do is choose a niche you are passionate about and create relevant content in your field of expertise. Documenting your content makes you a YouTuber hence a ticket to your self-employment career.

Highest-Paid YouTubers

  1. Evan Fong- $ 11.5 million
  2. Daniel Middleton -$ 12 million
  3. Mark Fischbach- $13 million
  4. Felix Kjellberg- $ 13 million
  5. Ryan Kaji – $ 26 million

3. Blogger

Ways to Build a Powerful Blogging Business

By definition, a blogger is someone who runs and controls blogs. Bloggers get paid through the following ways:

  • Selling Adspace
  • Becoming an Affiliate
  • Selling digital products
  • Using Blogs as a content marketing tools

Blogs have become popular since they allow people to express what they feel, sell their products and brand their businesses. Through blogs, one is capable to interact with people worldwide and share their content.

4.Freelance Digital Marketer

With the rise of businesses and new competitors, companies are looking for good and result oriented marketers to reach their consumers. Such marketers are paid a good amount with added advantages.

5. Business Consultant

Every business is one step aware of failing and every business owner knows this. Therefore, they are willing to pay for a person who understands their market and give them tips on how to stay ahead of their competitors.

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