Initially I wanted to write about fashion, but then I realized that it’s one’s choice of lifestyle that is expressed by fashion.

So here’s the bigger picture. This list is personalized so I don’t think I need Njoki Chege typa attention. If you feel you need recognition, email is way better than a tweef.
So let’s dive in.
patricia kihoro
Patricia Kihoro

It may be a prolonged female crush but I know I’m not alone."</p Her blog revolves around life as a whole. Being an actress, singer and radio host, her blog may touch each individual differently. Her tone throughout is soft spoken and totally realistic. The typical girl next door.

You would really enjoy this blog if you want something to laugh about. So yes you will find humor in her stories.
This blog is by the lovely Sharon Mundia. It’s interface is quite a gem and her fanbase can fill up a stadium. I know a couple of people who are Sharon diehards but I don’t think I should mention them or how they show their fanatism. The blog is quite broad. From her genuine style, to beauty tips, to hair care and travel. This broadness has enabled her to be appointed as ambassador for various brands including store66.
If you’re a visual, you’ll enjoy this since it’s more of a picture blog.
Sharon Mundia
Sharon Mundia
our style kenya blog
This blog is run by her gorgeousness Joy Kendi. As the blog name suggests she specializes in styling. The interface gives a feeling of ease as you go through her various posts. She models all her styles. Her taste is quite diverse; floral print to African wear, short and flirty to long and hugging. She’ll help you find and embrace the style you’ve been searching for far and wide.
This is also more of a picture blog and is best when you’re looking for the right outfit for a particular event. Moreover, it cuts across the boundaries of age.
Joy Kendi
Joy Kendi
Silvia njoki
Run by Silvia Njoki herself,this blog is quite unique from the rest. She has a mama and baby style tab. Yes mothers this could be the ultimate site to get that cute bundle of joy looking even cuter. Another unique factor is that she is not only a stylist but also a designer. This means some of the clothes on her blog have been made or designed by her. One thing I love about her designs is that she strikes a balance between feisty and calm. Her style is daring and I’m sure all risk lovers reading this will love it.
silvia njoki
Silvia Njoki
Unlike the other blogs, this one is different in two ways;
1. It is ran by a guy Brian Omina and
2. It allows you to shop online.
Vazzi is a clothing brand that completely represents 254. Hoodies, sweatshirts simple branded tees everything for all the chilled out homies and  hood chicks. Lifestyle isn’t about jewellery and expensive clothes. Sophistication in simplicity can best sum this up.
Vazzi team
These are my top 5 lifestyle blogs. Do you know a blogger I should have mentioned? Feel free to comment below"</p