Top 5 Kenyan Social Media ‘Cool Kids’

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2015)

It is not ‘cool’ if it is not:

  1. Maggie Shicko

She beats Kim Kardashian at her own game, taking selfies. She can fill your timeline a day with endless selfies of her cat eyed face and luscious lips. Yes, even a girl can admit how pretty she is. Her comments are always overtaken by a league of Team Mafisi.


2. Shaq The Yungin

He kicked off the road to fame using his YouTube channel which he invited over a couple of famous people. His hardworking lead him to hosting a weekend show on KTN.He is always turnt up in certain popular events and also fills his instagram with selfies alongside a bunch of equally popular peeps to him.

3. Cuppie Ayoka

She is your ideal type of fashion idol as her endless collages always reiterate her love for fashion and of course how she keeps up with trends. She is always spotted with a couple of popular cool kids here and there especially on her Twitter here. She keeps it classy and fashionable always.


4. Elodie Zone

Also found her exposure by hosting her own regular YouTube shows. She is always hanging around Shaq The Younging and other people of her league. By this, I mean a bunch of equally pretty-faced girls. Their selfie game is on point during popular events and gets the crowd’s attention through her effortless aura.

5. Seth Gor

Self-proclaimed ‘future movie star’ takes ‘hilarious’ to another whole level. This creative always has a story to tell using his creative local memes that everyone can relate to. He surely has an entertaining way of doing things via his Instagram account.

Who do you think brings out the cool effortlessly? Let us know below.

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