Internet challenges may begin as a dare among friends or as a way to do charity towards a certain initiative. One who is nominated for the challenge is expected to do it in front of a camera for evidence. There’s no order to this but here they are;

1. Ice Bucket Challenge
This internet challenge was completely ridiculous but had the largest number of celebrities participating. It was an initiative for fundraising… some people just speculate it was the Catholic Church’s idea to get people baptized.
2. Gratitude Week Challenge
This challenge was the most thoughtful of all. Mostly done on Instagram, a nominee was expected to post everyday about what they are grateful about and all those tagged in turn are nominated to participate.
3. BW Challenge
The first time I saw this I thought Blankets and Wine but couldn’t figure out why Blankets and Wine would come up with an internet challenge as a marketing campaign. It’s pretty simple take a pic put a black and white filter to it. For the appearance challenged black and white filter is a nightmare. So now you know.
4. Shower selfie challenge
This campaign was a charity initiative to campaign against HIV/AIDS stigma. However, it was more popular among gays because the participants were specifically men.
5.Salt and Ice challenge
Whoever invented this internet challenge is terribly cruel or possibly mentally ill. You’re supposed to put salt on your tongue then place ice and let the two react on your tongue. It’s the most painful way to fame I guess because the reaction leaves burn marks.
Have you participated in any of these internet challenges?:)