Varcity this week of 14th August 2016 has been full of interesting articles and exclusive interviews.

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What Does It Mean To Be His WCW?

This trendy social media outburst came to life thanks to many active internet consumers.  When you see such a hashtag accompanied by pictures of beautiful women, it seemingly means you get to admire a female species without necessarily having any sexual intentions towards her.


Lisa Martinez Talks About Sponsors and the Source of Her Money

The young lady was seen lying in a bath tub full to the brim with tones of Kenyan notes, she also showered in expensive champagne. She came out clean in a video. But that didn’t quench our curiosity.  Yes, her real name is Lisa Martinez. It isn’t some Mexican soap effect. Meet the friendly and down to earth young lady.

Youth Fund: Introducing The Rapid Refund Initiative

Rapid Result Initiative is an institutional intervention that sees the success of youth empowerment, motivation and innovation. It helps the acceleration of execution of large scale and long term projects that bring about change in society that are spearheaded by youths by providing financial resources.

Fall For Mya In Our Exclusive And Candid Interview


36 year old Mya Marie Harrison was in Kenya this past weekend for one of the biggest concerts on this side of the Sahara-The Plot held at the Waterfront Grounds at the Ngong Racecourse.

The Plug Into The Plot Concert #NoFOMO

The Plot Concert was one not to miss so neither could the Varcity team miss out. It was seriously hyped up for the last three months  on Homeboyz Radio.There was so much buzz and publicity around it to ensure that it was the biggest event of the year.

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