Whether you like to admit it or not, you probably spend a good amount of your life on Facebook. And I’m willing to guess that you’d prefer not to waste your life away looking atwedding photos of people you barely know.

Which is why it’d behoove you to learn some handy desktop keyboard shortcuts for the site. Yes, that’s right –– Facebook has its own keyboard shortcuts, which can help you zoom through the site without dragging around your mouse.

Here’s a full list of the most useful keyboard tricks:

News Feed shortcuts
You can use these when you’re browsing the News Feed, that list of stories you see in the center column when you surf

  • j and k: Tab down and up between posts. Press j to go to the next post; press k to go up to the previous post. You’ll know you have selected a post because a thick black line will show up to the left of that post.
  • l: Like or unlike a selected story.
  • c: Comment on a selected story.
  • s: Share a selected story.
  • o: Open the attachment of a selected story.
  • p: Post a status. Press p to get your cursor in the new status box and start typing.
  • / (slash):Open up the search box.
  • q: Search chat contacts.
  • Enter: Tab from the tagging, location, or feeling sections to the text box when making a post.

And, most importantly, if you forget any of these

  • ?: Open the list of keyboard shortcuts while in News Feed.

Access keys
You should be able to use these from any page on Facebook.

These guys vary by what browser and computer you’re using. So you’ll have to remember the specific code (below) that precedes each access code number. So if you want to open up Help on Chrome for Mac, you would hold down the Control, Option, and 0 keys.

Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + [#], then Enter

Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + [#]

Chrome for PC: Alt + [#]

Safari for Mac: Control + Option + [#]

Firefox for Mac: Control + Option + [#]

Chrome for Mac: Control + Option + [#]

Even if you integrate two or three of these into your everyday Facebook stalking, you might be able to shave a few minutes off the time you spend online every day. Use it to get a beautiful manicure, like the hand model pictured at the top of this post.