Top Google Searches In Kenyan Campuses

  1. The Kardashians.

Looks like almost every single person in the world is obsessed with the K clan. They are gorgeous, fashionistas, insane and entertaining. All these sides represent different people in the universe and that’s how we are all able to relate. Most students in campus stock and follow them on social media and always want to be up dated with their reality show and their event appearances. They inspire how we speak, what we eat, how we look and dress and also who we date and marry.


  1. Barrack Obama

After it was long announced that Barrack is of the Kenyan blood, a lot of us have the need of making the connection stick. We as Kenyans are proud but most of all as students in campus, we want to know what he did in campus for him to be the man that he has become. For most of those in campus, we google his past and present speeches, we try and read books he mentions, we even try and stock him on social media. Barrack Obama gives us courage and optimism that getting a good education will matter at the end of the day.


  1. Sauti sol.

By now every one knows how big Sauti sol has become and how far they have gone. I mean, when you see a bunch of Kenyan guys nominated for the BET awards then you know there is something special. They are everybody’s favorite. From his Excellency, Uhuru Kenyatta to POTUS Barrack Obama. We are fascinated by their fashion, their passion for music and their endless love for the African continent. After the launch of their Live and Die in Africa album, they stand as good examples to students who had lost faith in Africa and were planning to take their acquired skills elsewhere. Now we know, we are meant to live and die in Africa.


  1. Latest movie releases.

We all know, Kenyans love a good old Hollywood Movie. And majority of these Kenyans are those in campus. We always want to be up to date with the latest movie that has been released and also brag to our friends when we end up being the first ones to watch it. These movies now dictate the mentality of those in campus, from how we behave in class, to how we handle our relationships. For the past two months fifty shades of grey has taken the crown for the most searched movie in Kenyan campuses.


5. Socialites 

Let’s admit it; socialites have become a thing in the Kenyan society. They have introduced us to a whole new world of the entertainment industry. And with socialites comes the sponsors for the campus students. Students want to dress in expensive shoes and clothing, attend some of the most sophisticated parties and just live the life without lifting a finger. Campus students are now searching on ways you can become a socialite over night, who you can hook up with to be famous plus where you can go and be noticed without a sweat.


  1. Online shopping.

With the growth, development and spread of technological knowledge, most students in campus are now in love with shopping their items online. It’s much cheaper, faster and you can be sure that the quality is the best. Online shopping also provides you with the chance of grabbing the latest fashion brands once they come out.


Is there anything else you search for? Let us know.