Olive Mwea the top female student in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) 2018, reveals what she would like to be after completing her studies.

Mwea, a student at Riara Group of Schools scored 453 marks out of 500 being the top student alongside Rawling Odhiambo from Kakamega Hills who also scored 453 marks.

More than half of the 1,520,364 candidates who sat the national exams administered between September 30th and October 1st, 2018, scooped over 200 marks. Candidates who scored between 201 and 300 marks were 573,927, whereas 234,573 received between 101 and 200 marks. Only 2,177 candidates scored between zero and 100 marks.

Mwea reveals she would like to be a pharmacist in her near future. Riara Group of Schools has so many celebrations after Mwea’s performance; however, Mwea is still shocked cause of her performance.

“I did not expect to score 453 marks, I expected to score 433, when I got the results this afternoon it was unbelievable, I was really excited,” she said.

Her mother was so proud of her and she had to say this,

“She worked hard, I’m really grateful she got what she deserved, she was self-motivated,” she said. “ She seemed to have enjoyed her reading,” added the girl’s mother.

Her principal also said that Mwea is a hardworking and humble student who deserved to be the top student.