It is sad to have young people with so much life have their lives cut short but it happens all the time. Here are the thing that are claiming university students’ lives in Kenya today.


We are all aware of one of the biggest terrorist attacks in Kenya where a Garissa University was hit and scores killed. Since then universities have upped their security from more security check point to drills, some of which go wrong.

Jilted Lovers

The average university student is in a relationship which sometimes goes really wrong. With sponsors and sugar daddies entering the university dating scene, conflict is bound to arise. Even prominent people have been accused of being involved with students romantically and in their deaths or disappearance. There are recent incidents, one from Kenyatta University and another from Moi University, where love went wrong and someone got murdered due to love related arguments.

Strikes and not so peaceful demos

Yes. Believe it or not these strikes leaves students seriously injured and sometimes dead. Aside from the vandalism that comes with it and harming of other citizens, this is one of the things that end up killing students.

Hit and Run Accidents

Last month, a student of the University of Nairobi died due to a motorcycle accident, this has also happened in schools like JKUAT and USIU. Especially during wee hours of the night some drivers are not too mindful on the road or courageous enough to take responsibility for running someone over.

Driving under the influence

Seldom will this be pointed out but many students crash their cars due to driving under the influence. It may sound cliche but don’t drink and drive. If you’re going out with your friends make sure you have a designated driver who’s going to take one for the team and keep off drinks for the night or take a cab all together. It sad to end up six feet under after a night of fun.


A student once killed himself after gambling all of his school fees. Others kill themselves due to other frustrations.