The joy of every student is always to complete a journey they began all along in the name of higher education. Tracom Academy a tech institution has proven beyond reasonable doubt to be a center where youth can be prepared to become IT gurus.

On Friday 26th, July 2019, Tracom Academy unveiled a group of students who graduated from the academy at Azure Hotel, in Westlands. The graduation ceremony commenced with remarks from different speakers who did advise not only the graduating class but also those in attendance.

The graduating class

The graduation ceremony was endowed with laughter through out the session as various speakers spoke with humor. In attendance was Mrs. Carole Njau, Mr. Francis Gitau, Mr. Paul Njau, Mr. Amon Kiarie and Mr. Andrew Chege, the guest speaker.

Ms. Carole Njau did commence by thanking the Tracom Team who played vital roles in ensuring the graduating class was well trained. She also extended her appreciation to those who worked on board to ensure the Tracom Dream lives on.

Mrs. Carole Njau addressing the audience

“ The attitude towards work, the hard work don’t leave it in the academy; take it to the working environment and bring out the best.” Mrs. Njau asserted.  Mrs. Njau hopes in the next class ladies will increase in the academy to balance on the gender.

When Mr. Francis Gitau, stood at the podium, he guided the graduants on issues to do with morality. He shared tips on how they can keep on going on their day-to-day activities even after graduating.

Mr. Francis Gitau at the podium

“Be a team player, be curious and attentive to details and you shall overcome all.” He noted. He also urged the team to remain humble to achieve goals and they need to upgrade themselves on a daily basis since software’s keeps changing.

“ Work out with deadline and complete whatever task you are given effectively.” Mr. Gitau asserted. He also reminded them that they have a goal of taking over in Africa as far as IT is concerned and eventually the world.

Mr. Paul Njau, one of the directors chose to have a biblical allusion so that the graduants can understand his remarks well. From the Sermon on the Mount biblical teachings, Mr. Njau did inform the graduants not to worry.

Mr. Paul Njau

“We need to be in pursuit of our greatest good; be of the best to the society and if you seek these, then no worries,” Mr. Njau asserted.

He concluded by noting that the greatest good is not an easier good hence challenged the graduants to push themselves in order to achieve the greatest good.

“ You are young, you are in school and you want to look good, what would you do? “ Mr. Amon Kiarie recounted on how he worked in a restaurant to achieve whatever he wanted. He urged the graduants to work out from their humble begins in order to make it to the top.

Mr. Amon Kiarie

In his speech, one would be left to understand that Rome was not made in one day but it took a process.

Finally, the last speaker was Mr. Andrew Chege. Being a guest speaker, he overwhelmed the crowd with his massive experience.  In his opening remarks he mention the three things that drive Tracom are Passion, Purpose and Progress and he noted that when you have a purpose in life you will definitely make it.

He urged the graduants if they want to make it in life they should avoid short cuts. Mr. Chege noted that IT and Software’s follows a process and shortcuts cannot work.

“You can work in an environment that you need to adapt to it so that you can make it. Adaptability is a key thing in whichever environment you’ll find yourself. “ He cautioned them.

Guest Speaker Mr. Andrew Chege

On issues to do with life Mr. Chege told the audience that life offers them 10% but how you react to the 10% will determine your next level.



Tracom Founders and Directors
















The event ended as the graduants were being awarded their certificates. They were all in smiles and melancholic reactions and one could notice the joy of making it to the graduating list.


Graduants receiving their certificates




Apart from the graduants being awarded certificates, Tracom also recognized the efforts made by various individuals in the entity. They also awarded them certificates.


#Congratulations to all graduants 

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