A total number of four people lost their lives this past weekend following a road accident that took place at Koja roundabout near the fire station in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD). The unusual accident involving a matatu from Latema Sacco also left two more people injured.

The accident occurred after the matatu whose driver is suspected to have been drunk lost control of the vehicle crushing into the pedestrians who were awaiting to board a matatu. Two people died on the spot, one on the way to hospital with the fourth one succumbing to injuries while receiving treatment in the hospital.

The two survivors, a couple expecting a baby, are still receiving treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital. The driver managed to flee the scene while the matatu was taken to central police station as the authorities continue with their investigations.

This is not the first time we have seen cases of drivers driving under the influence not only risking the lives of their passengers but also those of other road users. Unfortunately in most cases there has been loss of lives even in the slightest mistake.