The world is moving too fast to notice the different groups that are cropping up in our now digitized society. Relationships have become a source of grief and confusion among young adults who are majorly represented by University students. We have heard cases in most Kenyan universities where love has gone on to crack students’ emotions up and some have even led to death.

Men have become trash and ladies have turned into unforgiving feminists. The initiatives to strengthen the girl child have led to the complete abandonment of the boy child. The male generation has been forgotten as the girl child rises above standards. Relationships have become more dramatic because gender equality has placed roles on both sexes that have changed everything.

Whenever a relationship hits rock bottom both sexes tend to gang up against each other. Ladies have formed the now famous and vicious feminist group going up against the trash that is in this case men. Cheating in relationships these days has ladies calling men trash, and the vice versa brings out the feminist tag! Fights have ensued online among these two sets of gender and some have resulted into ending of new relationships. This is due to the standards being set by feminists who advise each other that they are too good to be in the kitchen while their man sits on the couch catching the daily news.

This war is disastrous and unless couples go back to their original roles it will be devastating to even think of being in a relationship. The original world order should be maintained so that everything balances out well!