Travel, Fashion and Music At The Sanaa Culture


It’s all about travel, fashion, art and music. Saturday 13th August saw fans and entire family of SanaaCulture meet, mingle and had a good time at the Safaricom Michael Joseph Centre to celebrate everything and anything about Wanderlust Sanaa. Wikipedia describes wanderlust as the extreme desire to want to wander that is, to travel and see the world at a firsthand experience.

The event is dubbed The Wanderlust Edition and the reason for this was because the photographs on display are of travel destinations in Kenya which they have been to. The group has toured 7 travel destinations around Kenya and documented these trips.


Sanaa Culture is a creative space inspired by the stories of bold and expressive artists where art is created and shared. The Sanaa Culture Wanderlust Edition maintains this sincere core with the added flavor of travel. By combining travel with art, a colorful and adventurous initiative is born which seeks to encourage travel not just for luxury but also for exploration and discovery.


SanaaCulture have earned the title creative pioneers in fashion and art, in creative mind blowing photography.


The individuals and group of individuals explore, adventure, story tell and express themselves in a unique way. And the best part of it, is the affordable travel packages they offer.

Activities of the day included: live performances, face painting of African cultures, jewelry sale, food and drinks, interaction and mingling was what they day had to offer.


The clumsy jeweler showcased his divine visual artistry dubbed as the president of your fan club. His visual art were mostly presidents of different countries.


Fashion is an expressive form of art and Sanaa Culture tells its story through its fashion. The crowd was able to purchase Sanaa Culture merchandise as well as to view upcoming projects in the fashion side of Sanaa Culture.

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