Travis Scott is currently at the top of his career constantly releasing hit singles and videos that are always unique in their own.

The “Butterfly effect” hit maker released his third studio album, “Astroworld”, back in August and one of the top songs on the album was “Sicko Mode” featuring Canadian rapper/singer Drake and rapper turned singer Swae Lee from the group Rae Sremmard.

While Swae Lee may not have played a major role in the song other than adding just a short adlib “Someone said”, he is definitely a big deal and he deserves some credit.

However, it seems like Travis Scott and Drake tend to think otherwise as they left him out of the hit video which has got many people talking by the way because of its cinematic look.

Swae took to social media to voice his grievances in a series of deleted twitter rants and IG videos making it clear that he didn’t know why he was left out of the video but made sure he chose his words carefully to avoid unnecessary tensions between him and the two rappers.

The video was clearly well invested in with Travis Scott teaming up with director Dave Meyers with whom they had earlier worked together on yet another project, “Stop Trying to Be God”.

Check out the video in the link below;