Last week Nike announced American football quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, as the face of their new “Just do it campaign”.

It is a move that sparked a lot of controversy for the company with some people boycotting and burning their Nike products. The ex-NFL player has been at the forefront of fighting racism in his country and police brutality against the blacks and therefore you’d expect him to be hated by quite a good number of racists who were obviously leading the campaign to boycott Nike.

In 2016 he made headlines for kneeling down on one knee instead of standing while the national anthem for US was being played to show his displeasure with racism in the country. Immediately after the now ‘free agent’ player posted the first pic of the ad, it quickly went viral with guys creating their own funny memes.

Kenyans weren’t left behind and here are some of the memes I thought were hilarious;

Haha we just love Kenyans creativity and timing!!!