The Central Bank of Kenya is set to get rid of the historical currency to prepare way for transition to the new-look notes and coins.

This comes as Kenya is expecting new currency as stipulated in the Constitution that bars the use of portraits or images of individuals, stating instead that notes and coins should only bear images that depict or symbolize aspects of Kenya.

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US comedian and film star Kevin Hart faced the wrath of social media this past weekend after posting a video on social media where he appeared to confess to cheating on his pregnant wife.

The star, who was apparently being extorted for a “sexually suggestive” video with another woman, apologised to his fans and family for the “bad error in judgement”.

“It’s a sh*tty moment where you know you’re wrong. There’s no excuses for your behavior,” Hart said.

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People protesting outside Supreme Court were forced to bolt after a swarm of bees attacked. Police also couldn’t stand the heat – fleeing from their positions as the bees attacked in numbers.

The attack occurred as the Supreme Court judges were reading the full ruling on the presidential election petition.

Kenyans, both on Twitter and Facebook, can’t stop making fun of the situation, with a number of memes and jokes surfacing.

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Neymar and Cavani were caught on camera squabbling over who should take a free kick and penalty against their Ligue 1 rivals, but their animosity for each other apparently stems from before that incident. This bust up caused the internet to troll Neymar and comparing his current relationship with Cavani with the one he had with Messi back at Barcelona.

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First, the media publicized the Nakumatt-Tuskys arrangement, as a merger,  the two companies went on to correct the public that negotiations were progressive.

Regardless, Kenyans were surprised about the family ties between the two supermarkets, and the almost unexpected aid from Tuskys, a small wig compared to previous major competitor Nakumatt. Kenyans most definitely did not stay quiet about their feelings concerning the issue.

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Here are some funny Twitter reactions:

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