1.KOT can’t believe the news of a Cholera Outbreak at the post Daystar University

KOT greeted the news of a cholera outbreak at Daystar with amusement.

Ten students were admitted at various hospitals for treatment after getting infected over the weekend.

People were beside themselves with laughter as many wondered how such a private university could find itself dealing with such a disease.


  1. Blogger Xtian Dela Slammed by South Africans on Twitter

Popular Kenyan blogger XtianDela learned the hard way that he’s not so much the most influential African on Twitter… at least not on the South side of Africa.

The blogger had in a tweet informed his followers in Kenya, and presumably South Africa, that he will be visiting the country this month.

His tweets implied that the South African were desperate for his visit and they took the opportunity to slam him for this.

Here are some of the responses:




  1. Hilarious #MuhohoChallenge Memes that went viral

Witty Kenyans took to social media to imitate and make fun of the President’s son’s struggle to read a short speech in Kiswahili at a recent political rally in Nandi County.

The president’s second born son had to cram parts of his speech which he repeated when called upon by Deputy President William Ruto to address a crowd at a stopover.

This incident gave rise to the #MuhohoChallenge;


  1. Kanye West has put on some extra weight and Twitter is freaking out

Kanye West has kept a very low profile as of late, but he was recently photographed in Los Angeles and fans are surprised by the sudden change in his physique.

By the look of things, it looks as if Yeezy might have put on some few pounds.

We still don’t know if it’s the clothes that are making him look that way.


When the photos hit the web, folks on Twitter were surprised at how big West appears to be in the pictures. Some believe that the G.O.O.D. Music leader is suffering from depression and is eating a lot. Others think that West is getting fat thanks to Kimmy’s cooking skills.




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5. Black artists flaunt talents via trending Twitter hashtag, Africans join the party

Some Kenyan artists jumped on the Twitter hashtag #drawingwhileblack together with their African counterparts to flaunt their talents as part of a campaign to appreciate black artists and give them the recognition they deserve.

The hashtag was started by a 19-year-old U.S.-based Ghanaian-American animator and illustrator Annabelle Hayford who is campaigning for more representation of black artists in the art industry.

This campaign was a huge success with black artists all over the world posting their work and a short bio on Twitter with the hashtag #drawingwhileblack