1. The state of unemployment is getting alarming with each passing year. With many people leaving our tertiary institutions with very few jobs awaiting them the gap keeps getting bigger. This week Claudia Jematia took to the streets to try her luck. This lady was spotted asking for a job even with 2 Masters Degrees under her belt.
  2. Caption this…

On Tuesday, August 22, William Ruto was in Kirinyaga where he was chief guest during the swearing in ceremony of the now Governor Anne Waiguru, and from the trip came a viral photo with people noting the two politicians’ chemistry which has drawn massive reactions from Kenyans.

  1. Say bye to traffic jams people… The expansion of the outer ring road is finally complete. The residents of Nairobi will be hoping that the 8-lane highway will enable to carry on with their affairs and businesses in a more comfortable manner.
  2. 28-year-old woman shocked Kenyans after She Begged for a husband with this placard, eliciting hilarious reactions on Social Media.
  3. People finally decided to play around with Shutterstock’s ‘The Disloyal Man’. This disloyal man is walking down the street with a woman. She is presumed to be his partner, and they are holding hands. But trouble emerges. Despite being in a relationship, the disloyal man shamelessly glances at another woman passing by — a woman who, we are led to believe, has a good-looking butt. The disloyal man is amazed. And, since the picture is extremely corny and pretty funny, people are slapping labels on each person and making memes. And though this one is yet to hit Kenya we just can’t wait… Coz it’s just a matter of time.