At the close of another week, we have compiled the top trending pics in case you missed out on any;

Wavinya Challenge

KOT have reenacted the moment former Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti leaned on NASA leader Raila Odinga’s shoulders to take a picture of his coffee.

The pictures of a random woman leaning on a male colleague at work have been shared widely on Twitter under the hashtag #WavinyaChallenge



Plastic Ban KE

If there’s one thing KOT is extra good at it’s taking a serious issue and getting the best out of it. So after a long wait and too many NEMA texts later, the ban over plastic bag ban in the country came into effect this Monday.

Mayweather v. McGregor

As arguably one of the most epic battles to ever go down in sporting history, the clash between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor finally came to a close. With the bout ending in disappointment for Ireland’s superstar, as Mayweather went on to win by knockout in the tenth round, and subsequently round up his number of victories to an astonishing 50 with no loses, the internet appears to have mixed reactions.

Witty and sharp as ever, the internet wasted no time in publicizing their thoughts on the aftermath of the fight both with memes and by way of cleverly crafted Twitter comments.



A Merciless Twitter Reacts to Arsenal’s 4-0 Capitulation Against Liverpool

Arsenal’s trip to Liverpool certainly produced worse results than the Gunners and their fans expected.

The Londoners, possibly still reeling from their loss against Stoke City last weekend, were absolutely embarrassed at Anfield on Sunday after conceding four goals without reply.

Football fans on social media took the opportunity to upload a series of memes, much to the amusement of everyone… but Gunners fans.