The eyes are windows to the soul and all ladies want theirs to look fab, hence the many eyelash extensions. It has become a trend in Nairobi sporting massive false eyelashes forgetting that the best kind of make-up is the most natural looking kind. Especially during the day. You are allowed to go a bit dramatic with evening make up, though it is not necessary.

Back to eyelashes, there are a few rules to follow when applying them. Kindly share these rules widely because nobody wants to meet up with all these wrongly done lashed mamas….

1. Don’t be hasty: false lashes require time and patience. Putting them in a rush only means that you do a sloppy job

2. Know the shape of your eyes. Just like the body and clothes, each shape has its own uniqueness that complements the face. Eyelashes should not look forced and awkward. In case you don’t know the shape of your eyes, check the chart below.


3. Use good, quality glue. It would be extremely embarrassing to have lashes falling off on the streets.

4. Don’t use lashes that are too long for your eyes. Measure them and trim to a perfect length.

5. Brush your real lashes first. This will help volumize the lashes and add depth even when you wear the extensions

6. Place false lashes as close to the real ones as possible. Gives it a more natural look. And also find a colour that closely matches your real ones.

7. Use mascara and eyeliner in equal measure to enhance the look of your lashes.

Here is a video to help you apply your eye lashes;

By @cynthiatuts