Is being black that bad? I know guys prefer the fairer skinned lady but I didn’t think it was that serious. Many ladies have taken to bleaching to look prettier. Some end up looking amazing whereas others end up looking like female versions of Vybez Kartel. Many celebrities local and international have bleached and it leaves me wondering who’ll stop this silly belief that ‘The lighter; the Sexier’??

Take a look at some of the rumored bleached celebrities:

#1 Vera Sidika

Kenyans haven’t behind. Vera Sidika, a socialite, proudly admits she’s bleached and to some extent it’s boosted her confidence and esteem. She also doesn’t encourage anyone else to do it cause not everyone gets it well done.


#2 Lil Kim


Over the years, Lil Kim’s looks has undoubtedly transformed. Although the Brooklyn rapper has yet to admit that she’s gotten multiple surgery, let alone lightened her skin tone, the pictures tell a different story. When confronted about the rumors, Kim responded, “There’s so many people who have surgery. You know?”

#3 Ray C

ray c bleaching

Tanzanian beauty Ray C, once the queen of Bongo flava, R&B and Taarab, has really come a long way. She has been a subject of a controversy since erotic or pornographic pictures and videos of her started circulating in the public. After successfully recovering from her drug addiction, Ray C decided to give back to the society that helped her out by educating the masses and being the voice of reason to the youth lest they fall into the same trap. Since then, she has seriously added weight and bleached her skin.

#4 Dencia


This Cameroonian pop star is so proud of bleaching that she caused controversy for naming her skin care line ‘Whitenicious’. She says ‘I’m an adult and if I lighten my skin then that’s my choice, the same as bleaching my hair.’ Oookkaayy.

#5 Vybz Kartel

One of the few entertainers to publicly admit to his use of skin bleaching. The reggae artist confirmed that he used black soap to lighten his skin and has since released his own line of skin bleaching products. Kartel says, “I feel comfortable with black people lightening their skin. They want a different look. It’s tantamount to white people getting a sun tan.”


#6 Yvonne Nelson

That this Ghanaian beauty is enterprising and hard working is not in doubt. She has her own line of human hair, her boutique and acting. However, people have accused her of  undergoing a complete 360 degree change, physically. First people where shocked by her drastic weight loss, then people started talking about her alleged bleaching. Yvonne has continuously denied the rumors, however, you judge from the pictures.

Yvonne-Nelson  bleaching

#7 Lady B

Beyonce has over the years become light. I’m not sure it’s bleaching but I’m certain it’s not the weather. This has not made her any less of a star. Beyonce is still a legend and a role model to many little girls all over the world.

beyonce bleach

#8 Rihanna

The good girl gone bad also decided to be remove the slight Caribbean tan.  She’s become paler and it seems to be blending her ‘Illuminati’ side.


#9 Nicki Minaj
Well the before of Nicki wasn’t much to oggle over so…no complains for the guys. Bleaching and plastic surgery made her the perfect human Barbie.


#10 Ciara

Yes, it may come as a shocker but this sexy lady also isn’t the same colour as she was born  I can’t understand why she’d bleach and she already had that too die for bikini body and abs that just make any girl  feel unfit.

Ciara bleaching

Bleaching seems to be trending with our celebrities. So they’re two ways to go ladies : to be a natural Black beauty like Lupita Nyong’o or toa tint like the stars mentioned above, which one do you choose??