R&B crooner Tremaine Aldon Neverson popularly known as Trey Songz is not just any pretty boy but a gentleman. The former rapper has been in Kenya for the past one week to collaborate with other African artists on Coke Studio Season 4. When he did a interview on a local station recently, he spoke about why he is still single,his relationship with his mum,racism in America and his political opinions about Colin.

Trey Songz To Collaborate With African Artists

He said that he doesn’t want to settle down as yet,for he has been through ups and downs with women. He also loves Africa,loves the weather,the culture and is learning different languages. He also said that Racism has been masked in America as oppression is not so blatant. However he is not happy at how black people are treated back home and supported Colin as much as people did not stand up for the national anthem during his campaign. He is proud of President Obama and the work he has done for the American citizens.

He also spoke about his new album-Tremaine-which is his seventh album but is unsure of the release date. He has also been to South Africa two years ago for the MTV MAMA AWARDS which he says was an eye-opener for him.

Family First

Since his mother gave birth to him when she was only 16 years old, he had a father whom he never really knew about and a military step father whom his mother married when he was 7 years old,and never really had a father figure in his life. His mother looked out for him and his dreams and sacrificed her own. Family is everything to him as he was raised by his mother, his grandmother and manager.

Groupie Love

When it comes to groupie love, he doesn’t succumb to the pressure from women as it used to be. He remembers one time in London when he was on a two day tour, where he was given a trashbag full of panties which he laughed about,and has alot of love for all his female fans from across the world especially in Africa.
He left a word of advice to young artists and fans out there to believe in themselves, work twice as hard, never stop giving it your all. He also said hard work beats time if time doesn’t work hard. Every workout takes consistency to build muscle.
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