Trousers over dresses and skirts


We all know how much trouble women go to to look all glam and fashionable…from the hectic shopping at the various mobile outlets spread over the CBD stretching to Ngara and even the huge flee market at Gikomba.

Don’t give me that look,sources tell me The struggle is real..

But anyway,back to the main agenda..trousers over dresses and skirts…there are several reasons as to why exactly most women make that choice…

Dressing has a lot of factors involved.

  1. If you’re planning to wear a dress or a skirt,you better have smooth skin below.Yes,that means shaving,to the last hair.
  2. Dresses and skirts may show off your curves but they limit you in terms of  regular activities ie:how you’re sited,where you’re sited,how high you can jump if you’re jumping at all…
  3. The weather….freeze and shine is a common self-explanatory.Also,your summer dress may be blown away by the wind,leaving men around you,BLOWN AWAY.
  4. Plot of the day also contributes..if you’re  having a night out with the girls,or its a business meeting…its best if you prepare in advance for the coming events.

So..with all that in mind,what would you prefer dressing in,or seeing your bae in??