tujuaneTujuane Tujuane na Tujuane tena, many of us have watched the NTV Tujuane show which intends to connect two people who may be able to sustain a long lasting relationship after the meet up on air.  People have displayed their different styles of dating and even shared some of their pick up lines. We criticize those in the show and say how poor they are at approaching their potential mates. Some unlucky individuals have had negative criticism on social media after the show is aired.

One of the  unlucky guy is Tender Ooko, who lost his job as a beauty therapist at westlands salon after appearing on  episode 5 of Tujuane season 2 that aired on march 3. viewers said that he was arrogant and disrespectful to women. His  manager says that he has damaged the reputation of the business and thus the unexpected job lose.

Never the less, Tender asks of Kenyans to be moderate on their criticism of the people appearing on the show since such shows are often scripted to attract audience and that his character depicted on the show had nothing to do with his personality. He was just acting.