TV Personality Jackie Maribe is back on the airwaves as Monica Kimani’s murder case hearing did commence. The TV personality did arrive in the court alongside Dennis Itumbi. She had been released on bond last year.

Her boyfriend Jowie Irungu has been behind bars for about 7 months and the family of Monica is also looking forward for justice.

This case was among one of the high profile cases that happened at the end of the year 2018. Monica Kimani, was found murdered in a bathtub and blood was left trickling from the bathroom.

Another case that did happen was the one that involved the brutal murder of Sharon Otieno. Her murder case involved the Migori Governor Obado. In Sharon’s case, the family was left in tears as justice is still pending.

Will Monica’s case take the same fate? Will the family get justice? Will Jacky Maribe and Jowie be vindicated in the case? Those are the questions that keep triggering on the minds of many people.

As Jacky appeared on court netizens noticed her baby bump and others are questioning whom the baby daddy is. Is it Jowie or Itumbi, only Jacky Maribe can tell…