Now there’s a way to continue your late-night Twitter-binging and InstaStalking that crush of yours without hindering your ability to enjoy a good night’s sleep afterwards.

Many studies have shown that a good nocturnal routine requires you to put down your phone shortly before bedtime if you want high-quality sleep. But, Help is at hand!

New research from the University of Houston suggests there’s a way to stay connected until the second your head hits the pillow. Researchers asked participants to enjoy their usual “digital routine” before bed, but while wearing ~special glasses~ that block out the blue light — a color on the light spectrum that boosts alertness and regulates your circadian rhythm — emitted from smartphones and other digital screens. After two weeks, the study found that participants wearing the glasses fell asleep faster, reported a better quality night of sleep, and slept longer than normal.

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You’re now probably wondering where you can get these glasses. Luckily for you there’s an app for that. Twilight is arguably the best of the standard blue light filtering apps. It progressively reduces the color temperature of the display (making it redder) and dims the screen until your chosen levels of color and brightness are reached.


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