Eminem is back, I would assume it the Eminem his fans had been missing if we are to judge from the reactions the surprise album has received so far.

Eminem decided to gift his fans with a surprise album titled “Kamikaze” on Friday morning. With all the albums that are currently flooding the rap scene with much hype and expensive release parties, you would assume he would follow suit but the ‘King’ of rap did none of that.

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There was no PR ahead, nothing said online until today when he introduced it with short tweet, “Tried not to overthink this 1, enjoy” read a part of the short tweet. Within a period of 30min the album was already trending at number 1 on tweeter.

In the album, the rapper addresses his last project which he had released last year but ended up being underated although it still made to 1 on the Billboard both in the US and the UK as well. He attacks Trump and his supporters and goes harm on the media for giving bad reviews to his last project, “Revival”.

The 45 year old rapper also attacks some of the new school rappers like Lil Yatchy, Lil Xan, Lil Pump and most importantly DRAKE. The project features just but a few collabos from you know the best only like Joyner Lucas.

Both Eminem and Dr. Dre have been credited for being the executive producers of the 11 track album. Meanwhile twitter went crazy it and of course most people couldn’t fail to acknowledge how Drake seems to be getting dissed by everybody nowadays.

Here are some of the twitter reactions;