Two Cuban doctors have reportedly been abducted by gunmen in a road ambush in Mandera town, some 1,135 kilometers from the capital Nairobi.

In the daring attack that was staged a few minutes after 9 am, the attackers shot dead one of the two police officers who was guarding the medics.

During the ambush, the armed assailants in two small cars first blocked the vehicle ferrying the medics to work.

According to witnesses, they then alighted and opened fire on the police officers, killing one instantly.

The other officer managed to escape in the attack that happened right in the middle of the northern-Kenya town that lies near the Somalia border.

The gunmen then bundled the two health workers into their cars and drove off and reports indicate they have crossed the border into Somalia.

The fate of the foreign doctors, who are yet to be named, was not immediately clear as security officials are yet to issue a statement.

Check out the video courtesy of Nairobi News: