The Types Of Lecturers In Campus

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2016)

If you have been in campus for more than a year then you know, that there are definitely different kinds of lecturers and you spot their type from the very first class you have.

They include:


Their introduction in class always involves a very long pause of them remembering how long they have been in that profession. Students love these types of lecturers. They mostly never remember the assignments they give or they don’t give them at all. They also always tend to forget, where and when the class is hence students get a lot of free time. These lecturers also end up giving students very high grades regardless of their general performance since they cant remember who was who during the semester.



Although it is never a good thing if you end up with a lazy lecturer but sometimes in campus you need them to exist. These lecturers are the best in their department but they are naturally lazy. They give assignments and CATS but you may never know your results. They always promise to give study notes, but always end up remembering the issue some weeks to the final exam and they end up sending half or quarter of the work expected to be covered. Students love these kinds of lecturers because they usually, miss class, end the class session early or give very cheap CATS and assignments.



Now for a long time, we have been made to believe that our teachers are our parent figures in school. But for those in campus, life without your parent on your neck is always the best. The nosy lecturer in campus always wants to know your friends, your parents’ mobile numbers and place of work, your academic performance and all your involvements in school. They always expect you to stop and greet them in the school corridors, some even send out spies to follow your moves on the weekend. Students hate these lecturers and they never want to be their friends because the lecturers always end up being snobs and telling other lecturers about the students.



If you thought that teachers, who give you a lot of pressure for life, were left in primary and high school, well, think again. Students in campus always want to run from the workaholic lecturers. These lecturers give students piles of class assignments, very complicated CATS and their examinations are always out of these world. They make students believe that it is only through pain that you can get the right thing. They are always bragging of the books they have read, people they have interacted with and place their profession and array of knowledge has taken them. Students always leave the class session feeling more intimidated rather than encouraged.



In life, you always need that one very cool person who is older than you. And this is what most of the campus look for once they join the university. These lecturers are always considered by a good number of students to be the best. They class sessions are always entertaining. They know the language of the youth, they know their hang out joints, they know of the latest in fashion and entertainment and mostly they give students the hottest gossip about other lecturers. They never worry about covering the course work on time. They don’t make a big deal out of CATS and assignments and mostly don’t really care if you attend the class or not.

Any lecturers we have forgotten? Let us know below.

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