Whichever campus you may be in, there are always the same types of people. Here are the types of people you need to avoid in campus:


These types are found everywhere. These are the kind of people who always get you into trouble by convincing you that whatever you are planning to do doesn’t matter. And for most of such incidences, if you believe them, you will end up in a deep mess on your own. Avoid them if you can. And if you can’t, be wise enough to just not accept whatever they dare you to.


These are the icing on the academics cake. Yes they do well in class, but they always leave you feeling intimidated. They always have a story to what will happen to your other kind. You know those of you that are not excelling at the moment. You are allowed to look at them as your role models, but avoid them if you can.


Everyone loves to have a good time in campus. But others take it upon themselves to have more than the rest. These kind, live their lives partying. They live for that cigarette or Sheesha puff, that bottle of beer or wine glass and they always want a crowd to hype them. These types usually have a very low self-esteem and that is the reason why they turn to harmful behaviors that to them makes life easier. If you follow their crowd, you might just be recruited. So while still in campus, party wisely.


Mostly, people who keep to themselves, have baggage that most of us cannot carry. It is only human to try and show that you care once you identify that a friend has a certain problem but loners always develop some kind of attachment with the friends who show they care and this always ends up with the friend getting frustrated because of the secret they have been told.

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