For the last five weeks, Ugandan musician Jemimah Kansiime has been in jail in Uganda for producing a music video considered vulgar by Uganda’s Ethics and Integrity office. She says she was just copying ideas from Rihanna and Nicki Minaj so she could promote her video.

Jemimah Kansiime, aka Panadol wa Busajja (which translates to Medicine for Men), was arrested in November of 2014 after releasing “Ensolo Yange” a video considered too risqué by Simon Lokodo, the State Minister of Ethics and Integrity for the Office of the President.

He is said to have been shocked by the video and immediately ordered for Kansiime’s arrest. Lokodo is a former minister and also serves as a Member of Parliament in Uganda.

Lokodo told AFP about the video, “She was doing that in her sound senses. Stubbornly she was using her body to entertain the world around. We found this not acceptable.”

Lokodo was a driving force behind a controversial anti-pornography bill that was passed in February of 2014 that extends to the wearing of revealing clothing. The bill is popularly known as the “mini-skirt law”. The passing of the law sparked protests in Uganda similar to that of “My Dress, My Choice” in Nairobi in 2014.

Lokodo stated about the law, “put on a miniskirt but please don’t expose your thighs, your buttocks and your genitalia. Finished.”

The video landed Kansiime and her manager in jail. The Daily Nation reports that her manager was able to pay the KSh 6,500 bail, but Kansiime pleaded not guilty and was jailed for five weeks until she was able to raise the cash.

She is now on trial for her “Ensolo Yange” video and could face 10 years in prison if she is found guilty of “wilfully and unlawfully producing, trafficking, importing, selling and abetting pornography”.

Kansiime said of her performance of the video, “I was just experimenting to see if I put on a short dress, will the audience like it?”

The singer says she was emulating Rihanna and Nicki Minaj and made the provocative video to promote her music.

Kansiime argues that she had the right to film whatever she wanted, saying, “my rights have been trampled upon, my freedom of expression has been trampled upon.”

My View

She claims to have been emulating Nicki Minaj and Rihanna videos, well I know those guys produce such videos, however, THIS IS AFRICA! The world is not ready for a real African ass on our television screens! Even the Nigerian video Yayo’ by Phyno is still highly censored when it appears on international music channels.

Uganda is a very conservative country, they have publicly condemned any homosexual acts and even ladies wearing mini skirts. It definitely did take a lot of guts for you to produce this song, after all, you are the ‘medicine to men’ however, Africans, let alone Uganda, is not ready for these music videos.

I do wish you all the best and hope you are not jailed for simply trying to entertain.

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