The drama between singer Otile Brown and Vera Sidika is still on at the height of their new break up with both trying to expose and make each other look bad on social media.

As usual, Otile prefers to say less on social media and say more in his songs while Vera prefers to say it on all social media. As it was in their last break up, Otile has decided to release yet another song titled, “Nobody”.

Otile Brown uses the song to throw jabs at his seemingly bitter ex clearly telling her nobody can take away his happiness including her.

Vera Sidika, Otile Brown’s ex

The singer in his own words just wants to eat some ‘Nyama Choma and Kachumbari, drink one and smoke one and have fun with some ladies. Well, of course, he doesn’t forget to mention he uses protection with them which I would hope is true by the way.

The song which is produced by Magix Enga is so far receiving nothing but love if we are to go by the comments left in the comments section on YouTube.

Check it out in the link below;