Be the Unexpected.


You can expect something in your daily activities but still be surprised when it happens. The rationality in thought makes you expect certain results for every situation hence creating our assumptions but different outcomes. Whatever was your expectation was not written on stone so it was bound to change. Although nothing prepares you for pain and being hurt you expect it your reaction to it is what defers.

Like the physics second law of motion which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You want to punch a person because of something offending they did to you but as a human being you are expected or rather trained to control that precise reaction.
Every person has a weakness, I admit I am flawed but unfortunately there is a limit to how you can express all your flaws. Laws and rules are put in place to ensure sanity but we always create a lee way for our insanity. One cannot the norm of society so as to fit your different if the rules are not bent then do not bend them; this is not to box in all the different personalities that are represented. Life certainly cannot revolve around what we have decided to approve as acceptable. We see the most composed people reacting in an unexpected manner and the same applies to the headstrong ones.

We all have our stories, your life is a blank slate each day you take a page and write it down. All the new ordeals, hurdles crossed but remembering there is a limitation to what can be done in our little story. At one point in your life you’ve been told to be the bigger person, I used to think that was running away from a situation that can be handled by the fists. Now I learn that it actually is a better of handling your discords, the ‘surprise element’ you may be scorned but you walk away with more pride.

The eyes only see what the mind is willing to comprehend therefore you create your own understanding to the world. I know I want the surprise element in my life you just never know what is coming your way.

By Waridi Ajambo.