The year 2016 has been full of various events in campuses and strikes are one of them!

Here is a list of the top campus strikes of 2016:

  1. UoN 

The University of Nairobi students did a major strike in April that saw a total number of 201 of them being suspended from school. The suspensions were carried in groups of 62 and 139 after chaos rocked the institution over claims of what was termed as elections rigging.


The first 62 students were suspended from several campuses for their direct involvement in vote rigging of SONU elections and violence that brought the anti-riot police camping in the university’s main campus for about five consecutive days.

Photo courtesy of Nairobi News

The second batch was suspended after the indefinite closure of the school. There were claims of students peddling drugs and handling weapons within their areas of residents and therefore the school with the cooperation of the police did a room to room search which led to the 139 students getting suspended.

2. Maseno University

During the first week of November, Maseno University students rioted due to the death of their third year colleague. The strike led to chaos between the students and villagers neighboring the school.

This was because the students threw blames to the villagers over suspicion that it was them who killed their fellow comrade which led to backlash and therefore chaos. The school was however closed indefinitely in a letter issued by the Vice Chancellor before violence escalated.


Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology also did not fail to join the list. The students rioted in March after one of their own died in the school’s dispensary. This happened due to what was termed as negligence by the health department after the student suffered food poisoning. The deceased had taken food at a joint outside the school compound.

Rioting students took the road blocking motorists until police intervention arrived. For full story read HERE

4. Masinde Muliro University 

Masinde University also staged demonstrations in early October due to increment of tuition fees. The students took to the streets for three days to demonstrate before the school administration ordered them to vacate the institution and its environs.

Full story HERE.

Lets see how many more the year 2017 will bring us.