#UniLove: The 8 Types Of Couples In Campus

University for some is a place to learn, but for others it’s a place to enjoy  and make up for the years in high school like and enjoy your freedom.

As part of enjoying yourselves, many get carried away in the new lifestyle. (Un)Fortunately for some they get into relationships each one of them for a different bunch of reasons. Whether it’s companionship or love, here are the types of couples you will never miss in a campo setting.

  1. The PDA Couple

This couple is always together, holding hands walking around the university compund. They are inseparable and do not shy away from making out when everyone is watching. The whole University, including lecturers know they are dating.

2. The On and Off Couple

This couple keeps breaking making up. One minute they are having a huge argument and the next day they are all over each other . Every single week they are done with each other only to be seen together again in a matter of days. Their relationship is 98% drama.

3. The Odd Couple

This is the oddest combination ever! They do not share similar interests, and are from different social classes but they are still together. They seem too different and one wonders how they get along.


4. The ‘Secret’ in a Relationship Couple

Why they try to keep their relationship a secret remains a mystery. They act like they are not together while in public but everyone can clearly see they have something going on. Their relationship comes out in the open when they are probably drunk or when they feel like no one is watching.

5. The Look Alike Couple

This pair can sometimes pass off as siblings. Their hair, eyes, nose and every other physical feature is looks similar. It leaves one wondering if they share an ancestry somewhere…….and because of this many see them as an ‘adorable’ couple.

6. The Long Distance Couple

You only spot half of this couple on an average day.  Most of their dates are over Skype or weekend visits. When one half finally shows his or her face, their eyes being glued to whatever couple app they use to whisper sweet nothings on the go replaces any real conversation with friends.

7. The Geek Couple

Their ideal date is at the library. This is the pair that is always somewhere in the corner of a class with books trying to do assignment blushing at each other and getting touchy touchy under the desk.

8. The Social Media Couple

You know all the details of their love/sex life through social media. Always tagging each other on posts, sharing photos of each other  and that mushy stuff that people do on social media nowadays.

Are you in any of the above categories? You probably are or you know of someone. Engage us in the comments box below.

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