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United States Wins the Women World Cup 2019


Women World Cup came to an end, yesterday after the United States gave the Netherlands a tough moment. The match ended as the US won 2 goals ahead of the Netherlands that didn’t get a score.

The fans of the United States compelled FIFA to pay the winners the same amount that the men get whenever they win the world cup. The US carried 30$ million as their fellow counterpart got $400 million in 2018.

The women team has led many people to weigh in. As they send their congratulatory messages, issues of payment came to display and others want an equal measure to be paid to women.

If someone thought that discrimination happens only at workplaces you are absolutely wrong since even at the world cup, different amounts of money is paid to women compared to men. Why the disparity?

Should the women world cup get the same amount of money as men World Cup? Share your thoughts below.