10-write-life-storyWanna sit down and think again? Life is a whole lot of bags full of things to feed from. its interesting how one grows from a fetus to a baby, child, teenager,young adult, adult and finally old.  every stage has something of highest value and lowest value and as we move up the ladder, pressure piles up and you wanna have someone to lend a hand. one thing still remains.. you are your own, defining what you will live to do and where you will live to stay not forgetting what you will leave behind. Life is exactly what you make of it, the choices you make will spice it up either positively or negatively.At varcity, we share on all facets of our Kenyan students life, our universities the code of our pride. the universities bark and we give you the reasons why. it is one of the platform to compile and dispatch information to build a better university life. probably bring a healthy competition to the whole lots of universities. it is here you will learn about your friend on the other university. from north  east, west and south varcity brings you the NEWS, where you write your own life and we publish it.