The kenya university Lecturers strike has entered the fifth week causing more institutions to close indefinitely.

As a result of this many students have been sent home as learning has been paralyzed in the wake of the continuing strike by the lecturers.

The University Academic Staff Union have vowed to continue with the strike and went further to hold peaceful demonstrations in the street on 4th April 2016. This comes after the government failed to fulfill a counter proposal of the 2017-21   Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

The action by the lecturer’s however does not violate any law but will continue to cause more damaging effect of learning being halted in the institutions.

Even after a court procedure to stop the lecturers strike, Lecturers have vowed to go on if the government does not heed the agreement or even offer a counter proposal.

The government has continued to defend itself as to why it cannot issue a counter proposal saying the atmosphere created by the lecturers with their strike is not suitable for any negotiations.