On September 17th 2018, The University of Nairobi has partnered up with Cherami Institute to facilitate the operation of a cancer institute in Nairobi. The proposed University of Nairobi- Cherami Institute will be the leading cancer diagnosis, treatment, and referral institute in Sub Saharan Africa.
The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, Amina Mohhamed applauded the partnership with UON and Cherami saying that it will really help with some of the pressing challenges of health in the country and also in Africa.

“I am excited to witness the signing of the agreement between Cherami Africa and the University of Nairobi which will kick start the process towards the establishment of the University of Nairobi teaching and research hospital with a Cancer Research Institute being the first phase of the development,” said the Cabinet Secretary.

When the institution will be fully established it will comprise of, division of radiology, division of paedriatics oncology, division of pharmacy, division of Anesthesia Critical and Palliative Care, division of Adult oncology and internal medicine, division of laboratory medicine, division of Radiotherapy, division of surgery, division of bone marrow (regenerative medicine).

Prof. Peter Mbithe, UON Vice Chancellor disclosed that the cancer institution will be located inside the institution.

“UNCCI will be a multifunctional facility that offers modern and outstanding teaching, training, and research facilities for cancer health-care. It will offer holistic patient-centered cancer services, provide research and innovations, and raise awareness about cancer. To enhance coordination among stakeholders, UNCCI shall work in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute to develop a comprehensive National Cancer Registry. This will ensure inefficient and systematic utilization of resources”,

said Prof Mbithe.

Prof Julia Ojiambo Chairman of UON council said,

“Universities are facing a lot of challenges in resource mobilization for upgrading and modernizing their teaching and research infrastructure. I am therefore pleased to note that the University has taken the initiative to court and work with strategic partners like Cherami Africa group to mobilize the resources outside exchequer for implementation of impactful projects.”

The president of Cherami Africa, Mr. Wei Xiaolin said that Cherami Africa brings the best of Asian technology, knowledge, and funds to meet the most socially impactful demands in Africa.