The University of Nairobi senate held a meeting this week in which a majority of the members agreed that classes should resume immediately despite the political tension in the country.

This comes after the UASU chairman ordered all lecturers at public universities not to report to work until the CBA agreement is finally fully implemented. If the lecturers go ahead with their strike, it is not likely that students will be back at school next week.

The students were forwarded the following message:

“Notice to The University of Nairobi Students:

Good evening comrades,


The University Senate in a meeting held today morning discussed the opening dates.

In a resoundingly unanimous decision, the members have made crystal clear the need to open the varsity ASAP irrespective of the political situation in the country.

The VC will have to pass on the decision to the relevant government authorities and get back to the Senate within 48 hours.

The Dean SoM who is also the Acting Principal of CHS has expressed profound optimism about the prospect of opening the school next Monday, 6th November, 2017.

Amid all the hysterical toxicity sweeping the country, we advise you to keep out of harm way and patiently wait for the final official communication.


Ahmed Dekow

Amsun Chairman.”