The University of Nairobi is set to host its 1st ever All Africa Postharvest Congress Exhibition which will take place as from 28th to 31st March. This congress and exhibition will partner Nairobi University with other Universities, also the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. The World Food Preservation Centre (WFPC) will also be involved in the organization of the exhibition and congress.

The theme behind this event is “Reducing Food Loses and Waste: Sustainable Solutions for Africa”. This is to contribute to the agenda of reducing postharvest food loss and waste. The congress will seek to revert the 30% loss and waste in every 1.3 metric tons of food harvested. This results in a 15% loss for over 470 million actors across the agriculture value chain.


According to their website the Congress will provide an opportunity to respond to the calls for action outlined United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Malabo Declaration (2014) which have set a target of halving postharvest losses by 2030 and 2025 respectively.

The congress will bring together over 500 delegates including renowned speakers, innovators and exhibitors. They will also come from diverse fields including research, academics, entrepreneurship, farming and development agencies, civil society and policy making from around the globe.

High level speakers that have been placed on the invitation list are Kenya’s Deputy President Hon. William Ruto, Rockerfeller Foundation’s Africa Region Managing Director Mamadou Biteye, African Development Bank’s President Adesina Adeyemi, AGRA’s President Agnes Kalibataamog among others.

The congress will be held at the Safari Park hotel, Nairobi. The congress will set to unveil unknown technologies in relation to its theme which is countering food loss and waste after harvest. There is also a call for all innovators across Africa to come up and submit their entries. Experts will then pick the top 10 most innovative projects which the owners will pitch in front of investors at a special session during the congress. For more information you can check out their website http:/