The University of Nairobi students have written to the United States Ambassador demanding that President Barrack Obama visits the institution during his much-hyped visit to the country. In a letter written by the SONU Chairperson Babu Owino, the students are seeking the indulgence of the ambassador, and want him to ensure President Obama visits the institution and talks to the students. In a rather comical way, the controversial Babu Owino does not shy away from making controversial allegations in the letter. Babu Owino states that he is speaking on behalf of 84,000 stressed students, who are “furious that the institution is not among the places that the US President intends to visit during his tour of the country.”

In 2006 when he was the Illinois Senator, Obama visited the University and gave a rousing speech before planting a tree outside Taifa Hall. Babu Owino clearly quotes this in the letter and goes ahead to state that “31 female students are threatening to urinate on the tree if the President does not visit he institution.” According to the letter at least 18 students are threatening to commit suicide if Obama and male students are threatening to do worse things if the US President does not include UoN in his famed Kenyan tour.

It is yet to be known if the American embassy will respond to Babu’s letter which seems more comical rather than appealing and has no strong reasons or agenda for that matter. The SONU Chairman is a compatriot of controversy and has on many other occasions been involved in different controversies. Owino is a powerful figure in the institution and has even sought political office in parliamentary elections during the 2013 General elections.

It is also not understood if the institutions’ management sanctioned the letter which is signed and stamped with SONU’s logo. It however remains to be seen if either the US embassy or Obama himself will heed to SONU’S letter and schedule the University of Nairobi amongst the places he will visit when he comes to Kenya.

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By @YashGondosio