We have the weekend events you need to attend this weekend. Read the full list below.
Lazarus Musical
 Lazarus Musical

Not much is known about the man called Lazarus, except that He had 2 sisters and the fact that, well, Jesus raised him from the dead. But why Lazarus? What made him so special?

NBC Theatre presents Lazarus, A musical theatre production that centres around the Man Lazarus, his friend Jesus, and the interesting happenings in the town of Bethany.

Show Dates:
Friday 2nd Sep at 6pm
Saturday 3rd Sep at 6pm
Sunday 4th Sep at 6pm

Tickets cost Ksh 300 each. To book tickets, call 0711 588 428

Kenya Fashion Awards 2016
Kenya Fashion Awards 2016 :
Fashion Bazaar – 10 am to 6 pm, The Village Market
Fashion Show – 2pm to 4 pm, The Village Market
Awarding Gala Ceremony: 7 pm -9.30 pm. The Tribe Hotel
GlowGA Party

Here’ s a first for Nairobi….Glow paint meets yoga for one heck of a party!…GLOWGA!!!!! #NairobiLive #TreehouseNairobi

Enjoy a high energy Bikram Yoga Class set to the amazing house beats of Kenya’s top Dj Drazen while ILLUMINATING yourself with glow sticks and glow body paint!

Dance, Drink and Laugh the night away with fellow yogis & yoga enthusiasts.
Cover Charge Kshs. 1000/- (General Public)
Kshs. 500/- ( Members of Bikram Yoga)

UTAM Festival

UTAM FESTIVAL is a Kenyan Annual Multi-Cultural Music Festival that gives a platform for global cultural integration using Art. Utam festival has been conceptualized with an aim of showcasing and sharing East African arts and culture to the world, as well as displaying and sharing cultures from around the world in Africa to build peaceful coexistence lasting friendships, exchange program opportunities in all fields of performed and visual Art.

In 2016, Utam Festival carries a strong wildlife conservation theme that is geared towards raising awareness on the illegal ivory trade that will subsequently inspire advocacy in the festival’s attendees.