The Daystar University Falcons women basketball team is a force to reckon with. They pride themselves of being a melting pot where every player has a different personality characterized with a fun spirit. In 2015, they stood out as the most promising team in the school after they almost won every game they played with other universities. In an interview, they shared what being in a basketball team is all about.

The team participates in the Zuku Universities Basketball League (ZUBL) and also the Nairobi Basketball Association League (NBA).

Varcity: Are there any requirements for anyone to join the team?

Falcons: We don’t focus on the physic but we make a point in seeing the passion. We believe in giving every interested person a chance to show us what they can do.

Varcity: Is there a procedure for choosing the team officials?

Falcons: We choose them depending on how long they have been in the team and also their performance in the team.

Team Manager/ Player Mercy Mutuku
Team Manager/ Player Mercy Mutuku

Varcity: how long does a captains’ and a team managers’ tenure last?

Falcons: We always let them have the positions until graduation. This is because we want to see them grow in their leadership skills. We only get new ones after the current have graduated.

Varcity: How many games did you lose and win in your historic 2015 campus league?

Falcons: We won 38/41 and lost 3/41

Varcity: Did the winning change your social life?

Falcons: Yes it did. We gained more recognition in school, gained more friends and became celebrities in school plus more ladies got interested in joining the team.

Varcity: How many players are on the team and how many get to play?

Falcons: We only have twelve jerseys. But only five players play at a go then the other seven act as subs in case of any faulty. However, we expand the teams’ capacity to at least twenty players.

Claire Muthusi in action against USIU
Claire Muthusi in action against USIU

Varcity: What makes your team different from the male basketball team?

Falcons: Most of the players are Kenyan although a few international students have developed interest in the game. This team also has every version of every college girl that you may know of. There are the quiet ones, the partyholics, the geeks, gossipers, crazy ones and many more.

Varcity: What is your winning secret?

Falcons: Our secret can be defined using different words; God, Discipline, Consistency, commitment and love for each other and the game.

Varcity: What do you count as support from the school?

Falcons: The school plays a big role in what we are as a team. It has given us a professional coach, it fully caters for our leagues whether within or outside the school, some of the administration officials come to watch us play and more importantly they always put us in prayers.

Steffi Ngabire in action against JKUAT
Steffi Ngabire in action against JKUAT

Varcity: What campuses are the hardest to win against?

Falcons: USIU and M.K.U. T he two are always a hard nut to crack. But we keep on learning their ways.

Varcity: How many days of practice does the team have?

Falcons: We always have practice from Tuesday to Friday but Friday is the official practice day where we train together with the male team.

Varcity: Has being in the team affected your academic performance?

Falcons: In a way yes. This is because we are always away for a game almost every weekend. We end up giving our assignments late, missing CATS or sometimes following lectures at a slower pace compared to those who are in school most of the time.

Mary Muko

Varcity: What challenges have you faced as a team?

Falcons: We don’t have the required gym facilities as basketball players, we miss church services which is a compulsory practice in Daystar; we don’t get scholarships and sponsors who we really need because most of the players are international material and we also have one standard court that cannot cater for both the male team and us at the same practice sessions.

Varcity: Last words?

Falcons: Love is basketball and God is our anchor.

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Pictures courtesy of Mkenyasports.