When you join Uni, you are definitely going to need places to chill out or grab a bite. In UoN there aren’t enough places to bum inside the main campus during breaks or after class. If you are a University of Nairobi student who is clueless or out of ideas, here is where you can partake in chillage:

  1. Klabu

This place is quite a walk from the main campus but if you stay at the hostels, you are probably used to it. It is not heavy on the pockets at all. A plate of a well-balanced tasty meal could cost you as little Sh. 50 and you could grab juice on your way out.


  1. Kchick

If you are a fast food lover, you will love this place. Their chips masala are quite something and they have reasonable prices.  It isn’t too far a walk from the main campus; it is right opposite Nakumatt Lifestyle. They also have cool combo offers on selected days.


  1. Kampus Towers

Across the highway from UoN main campus stands Kampus Towers where you can window shop or grab a bite. Also a fast food place which is cost effective.

  1. Alliance Française

Aside from hosting gigs, this place often has work of art being showcased for a certain period of time.  This is a good way to kill that 30 minutes break in between your classes and you can check out events line up for the weekend. They also have a restaurant (Plot 49) if you can afford it.


  1. Big Knife

For slightly bigger pockets, you can catch a great bite right below the main campus’ foot bridge. The Turkish restaurant offers you a chance to eat something you probably never have.This place is convenient if you are short of time and want to treat yourself or your friend to a yummy meal.


  1. Pizza Hut

The American company is out to keep UoN students drooling as they set camp right opposite the school. Nobody loves pizza like the young people. If you want to catch some pizza for lunch or after class with your buddies, just cross the highway and bam!

pizza hut

Any other hang our joints we have left out? Tell us below.