UoN Club 360 aka Klabu Reopens After Alleged ‘Crime Den’ Demolitions


A few weeks ago saw the demolition of vibandas at Klabu where University of Nairobi students highly flock to fill their stomachs, fix their appliances and shop for whatever they would utilize in the hostel life.

The demolitions came as a result of alleged drug dealings at the university and its vicinity, referring to them as drug hubs.

It’s almost two weeks when normality resumed within the higher learning institution and Klabu is back at it, although the vibandas are no longer there, innovation can be noticed.


The traders there have invested in large umbrellas to shelter their customers from rain and extreme sun. Klabu is affordable, a plate of beef and two chapatis would cost ksh. 100 according one student, it also saves us time in that it is near the hostels, one doesn’t have to go all the way to town and usually opened until past 9pm.


This has also seen students and staff, opting for more options like the students’ centres and CCU along Graduation Square.

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