Mursar Hajj Ali went to court on Monday morning seeking to have the university compelled by the High Court to change his degree classification, which he says has caused him to lose his job and about Sh 10 million in salaries and benefits.

He is aggrieved by the decision of the institution to switch his grading to a second-class honors, upper division. He said that he had reasons to believe that he was victimized by blanket grading since the University gave me a default option of degree choice and not his choice of majors in political science and a psychology minor.

He also added that denying him his marks and classifying his degree wrongly has denied him opportunities to find gainful employment and self progress. He further blamed the wrongly classified degree for his dismissal from employment in 2012 from a cargo and shipping agency, which he said has led him to lose Sh10 million in salaries and other benefits.

The side of the institution has not yet been heard; hence the High Court Judge Mumbi Ngugi has declined to issue any orders and directions beforehand. We wonder how that will go since he claims that the institution treated him with nothing but contempt.

Courtesy of Standard Digital News KE