A human beings IQ does not increase so much after the age of 25. It’s quite impressive to see young innovators coming up with extra ordinary inventions. Some from scratch, others a modification of an already existing invention. We all have this myth that, only nerds can come up with such technological or scientific products or services, someone all geeky, big spectacles and no social life, well not necessarily. It’s been a week of technological advancement exhibitions at the University of Nairobi Main campus by young student of life, and no one looked like they are mentally drained from sleepless nights in a secret laboratory in their basement.

The young students of life, from diverse fields ranging from engineering, architecture to new one gamers have been showcasing their works at the Great Court.  In the simplest way ever, they set aside their jargons and taught those present more about their inventions. What grabbed the public’s attention was a model representation of houses, but the pros would call it a scale model.


There was a demonstration of a 3D printer that an observing student termed it as magnificent. To us the ordinary people we see a 3D printer, but to the pros they see addictive manufacturing. There were so many power connections, laptops attached them, and it was like an outdoor Dexter’s laboratory.


Other magnificent exhibits were a machine bike, something like a digital chess board for the gamers in the house. And what is termed as the pulse of communication, a speech translator glove that can translate sign language into speech and text.

One engineering student was passionately demonstrating and giving more insight on a drone, an unmanned aircraft. To the pros they call it unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). They have become common in music videos and those thousands filled music concerts like the Tommorowland concerts.